Custom-designed Projection Mapping also known as Video Mapping can bring your event to life!

DLSV will create custom-designed animations and images which can be projected onto any surface, indoors or outdoors. The only limits are your imagination! 

Projection mapping is perfect for: 

  • Corporate Events

  • Private Events / Celebrations

  • Festivals

  • Video Marketing

  • PR Stunts

  • Outdoor Projections for Experiences and Events

  • Interactive Installations and Projections

Projection mapping will enliven and decorate a bare space – large or small.

It’s a great addition to any event. Tell your story – corporate or personal – through, custom-designed visuals. Or simply amaze and delight the guests attending your event….and have them talk about it to their friends and colleagues for weeks to come. 

After sitting down with our Team and going through your ideas, we will design the media to your specification. We fine-tune the media to accommodate any surface or object, however complex. We then use cutting-edge technology to projection map the media onto the blank surface.

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We create content ranging from Corporate and Promotional videos to cinematic-style Wedding videos and Music videos.


Corporate clients

Video production is an amazing way to advertise your business, promote your brand, or showcase a new product or service. 

With nearly limitless potential, video production immediately catches the imagination, adds a personal touch, and gives people a reason to remember you. 

It’s a visual expression of your company’s unique selling points. DLSV can capture the essence of your business and present it through the most appropriate film or video. The result will be: 

  • Professional

  • Creative

  • Outside the box

  • True to your business ethos

  • Memorable


Private clients

These are the moments in life which you’ll remember forever – let DLSV capture your event through film/videography. The result will be: 

  • Professional

  • Creative

  • Memorable

DLSV offer an end-to-end Video Production service which includes pre-production, production and post-production services. We can recommend and source music matched to your brief. 

Working closely with each client through the pre-production story-boarding to the final edit, we will present visually the essence of your business, product or event.






We create professional and creative video edits. that will inspire and excite your audience.

At DL Sound and Video we can deliver your story to promote your brand, or showcase a new product or service. 

DLSV use the lastest in editing software to deliver your vision using NLE ( Non-linear editing system ) Adobe creative suite.


ABout us

DLSV is an experienced creative media team based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specialise in creating captivating content through Projection Mapping, Creative Media installation, interactive and Video Production projects

DLSV has been commissioned by top-level clients in Scotland’s capital city, including Rough Castle Experiences, Cyber Hawk, The Principal Hotel, Ocean Terminal shopping mall, The Scottish Design Exchange and Heriot-Watt University. We also work with private individuals who are organising a special event or celebration. 

We have designed a mixture of architectural and bespoke Projection Mapping Installations, together with creative Promotional Video Content and Video Editing. 

In essence, Projection Mapping allows any surface to be turned into a canvas for all types of media, including custom-designed animations, video content, and still images. Using a combination of projectors and cutting-edge software, our designs and images can appear on any surface, of any dimension – indoors or outdoors. 

A bare wall comes to life with spectacular moving images, a new car concept appears to roar into action…

DLSV also provides comprehensive Video Production and Editing services, offering an end-to-end product which includes pre-production, production and post-production services. 

We strive continuously to innovate, creating exciting and memorable content to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Let us introduce you to this amazing world of visual technology….


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