There’s nothing more exciting than being commissioned for a new creative project. So we jumped at this opportunity to take this challenge on with a new client.

This project brief calls for a large area to be projected onto, an area that would require several of our projectors. A three-projector job and the need to have harmony between them -to create one flawless video wall. We decided it was time to test out the MiniMads,

 We used after effects to create media of 4096x768 resolution, which we then split down between the three MiniMads. The results were impressive. Now, each MiniMad has a key part imported but we have to keep them in time to make sure it flows.

This is where the router comes in.

We used the router to give us network-synchronized media between the three MiniMads. This allows communication between the equipment and to keep the media on track and the show looking professional. But the next step is mapping out our visuals. Testing is almost over and the show is about to begin. 

DL Sound and Video Testing