Black Fox Promotional Video

A Look into the Black Fox Promotional Video

Have you ever heard of the Black Fox Bar Leith walk? 

Well, this was our chance to show you how we create a promo video that shows you all the bar has to offer, from the delicious and stylish cocktails to the homemade pizza and burgers.

We approached the black Fox as we seen it had great potential for a really stylised film which we could put our creative spin on. 

The brief was flexible. The objective was to deliver a full length (3min approx) and a social media-ready version (1min approx). We needed these two cuts to feel like the same video but for the full length to have more meaning and a thorough understanding of the black fox. 

We filmed the project using mainly the GH4 with a 22mm 1.4f wide lens as this could give the space we needed in the small areas of the bar. Our secondary camera was a Cannon DSLR with a 50mm 1.2f lens as this gave us a nice shallow depth of field, which worked nicely for the close food and cocktail shot.

We edited the project using the Adobe suit, utilising premier pro as the main editing software and After Effects, for all the graphics and effects we needed to do. This gave us a lot of flexible when colour grading and stylising the film. 

We have had a great response to the video and are excited to produce more of these types of video. 

From Projection Mapping and media design to Video Production we have you covered. 

We are now very excited to have released this project and see the feedback and likes come in. Go check the video.