Cake Projection Mapping FAQs

Set-up Procedure  

What is the set-up procedure?

The projector is set up on a tripod placed behind the cake table.

Do DLSV need access to the venue the day before the event, or on the morning of the event, to set up?

DLSV can either set up on the morning of the event or the night before.

How much time does it take for DLSV to set up?

It will take a minimum of one and a half hours to set up the projector and rig, and to align the animations onto the cake.

How many people does it take to set up the projector and rig?

It takes two technicians to set up the projector and rig.

Is the equipment obtrusive or does it blend in with the room?

The set-up is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.  The tripod is located behind the cake table where there is low footfall.

Do DLSV employees wait until the end of the event / wedding to take away the projector and rig?

DLSV can dismantle the projector and rig either after the cake-cutting ceremony or at the end of the event.

If travel to a venue at a distance from Edinburgh is involved, do I have to pay extra for overnight accommodation for DLSV employees?

Any additional travel costs are included in the final quotation.



Do I need to give DLSV a floor plan of the venue?

No floor plan is necessary, as the set-up used is self-contained.  We would discuss at the outset where best to locate the cake for maximum effect and visibility.

 Do DLSV need to see the venue in person, in advance of the event?

This is not usually necessary. However this may be required in some circumstances.

Do I need to check with the venue to confirm that they will allow projection mapping?

As with other activities to take place during your event, we would recommend that you do so, avoiding any disappointment on the day. 

Does the room have to be completely dark?

The room does not have to be completely dark.  The effect can be achieved in a relatively bright room due to the advanced technology of the projector which we use.



Does the cake need to have a certain number of tiers?

We would recommend a minimum of four tiers to obtain the best effect.

Can I use a fake cake for the effect only? 

A fake cake can be used.  This can be provided by DLSV at an extra cost.

Should the cake be square or can it be round?

The effect works best on square cakes.

Do DLSV have to see the physical cake in advance, or do you only require the cake’s dimensions in order to design the projection mapping?

DLSV only require the cake's dimensions in order to design the projection mapping show. There is no need to see the physical cake.

Does projection mapping have any adverse effect on the cake?

Projection mapping does not have any adverse effect on the cake - it will still be just as tasty! 

Should the cake be completely undecorated? 

Plain cakes work best.  The effect can still be achieved if you want some minimal decoration – we will incorporate this into the design.

Does the icing have to be white?

White icing is recommended as this helps achieve the best effect.

Can we continue the projections after we have cut the cake? 

It is not recommended that the projections continue after the traditional first cut into the cake is made, as any movement of the cake can misalign the animations.


Animation / images

Which designs can appear on my cake?

You can have anything you want projected onto your cake, dependent on your budget. Examples would include:

  • Sparkling waterfalls cascading down the cake
  • “Mr and Mrs Smith” being written on the top tiers
  • Fairy tale-themed animations
  • Stars encircling the tiers of the cake
  • Swirling snowflakes for a Winter wedding

….the only limit is your imagination!

How long will the animation last?

The animation will last between 3 to 4 minutes.  It is designed to loop (often doing so for 2-3 hours).  This allows all guests to see the animations during the course of the evening, and to take photos.

Is there sound attached to the cake projection mapping? 

Sound can be incorporated into the show, dependent on budget.