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Hyper-lapse Edinburgh

A trip around Edinburgh 

DLSV were asked to produce a creative and stylish video of key Edinburgh locations. 

Our brief was to create a Hyper-lapse video of some of Edinburgh's most iconic landmarks.

To create a Hyper-lapse, we took a series of still images approximately 2 seconds apart whilst moving closer to the end subject. Then in post-production, we stitched all of the images together, giving us a full clip.



Have you heard of the Black Fox Bar in Leith Walk, Edinburgh? If not, you soon will... 

This was our chance to showcase how we could create a promotional video which shows all that the bar has to offer, from the delicious and stylish cocktails to the homemade pizza and burgers.

We approached the Black Fox having seen that it had great potential for a really stylised film which we could put our creative spin on. 

The brief was flexible. The objective was to deliver a full length (3 min approx) and a social media-ready version (1 min approx). Although the two cuts would feel like the same video, the full length one would be more suitable for their website, giving a more detailed insight into their business.

We filmed the project using mainly the GH4 camera with a 22mm 1.4f wide angle lens, as this gave the necessary viewing angle for the smaller areas of the bar. Our secondary camera was a Canon DSLR with a 50mm, 1.2f lens as this gave us a depth of field which worked well for the close-up food and cocktail shots.

We edited the project using the Adobe Suite, utilising Premier Pro as the main editing software and After Effects for all the graphics and effects required. This gave us a lot of flexibility while colour grading and stylising the film.

The response to the video showcasing The Black Fox has been awesome, particularly on social media:

  • "Superb!"

  • "Flying home immediately!"

  • "Looking forward to going back here.."

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